Vegetable Garden Mix
Vegetable Garden Mix
Vegetable Garden Mix
Vegetable Garden Mix
Vegetable Garden Mix

Vegetable Garden Mix

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Compost + Sand + Sandy Loam

    • Equal parts compost, screened sand, and loamy soil.
    • Provides a nice ratio of materials for drainage and nutrients that you can plant straight into.
    • Processed through a 1/2" screen.
    • Specially designed all-purpose fine soil for vegetables and herb gardens.
    • Made from locally recycled garden prunings.
    • Contains no biosolids or steer manure.
    • Light and fast draining.
    • Builds up soil level.
    • Amends existing raised beds.
    • Most commonly used for planting a new herb, veggie garden.
    • Transplant veggies.
    • Great soil for raised beds and veggie gardens
    • After plants are established and growing to add 1” layer of fish compost
    • Raised bed- a layer of 1½ drain rock (2 inches) then fill the rest of your bed with three-quarters of the way with the veggie garden mix –Plant into this and then provide a 1” top layer of Oly Fish Compost

Typical Installation: 

    • Raised bed: 4-6" of material.
    • Great when combined with our Oly Fish Compost as the top layer. 
    • Should add fertilizer because vegetables are heavy feeders.
    • Measurement page and tips.
    • Test your soil drainage here. 

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