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Local Material

    • Light sandy loam dirt.
    • May contain rocks, clay, or organic material.
    • Adds NO nutritional value.
    • Fill dirt can range from being very sandy to having high clay content to glacial till. 
    • Make no mistake about it, it is fill dirt and NOT topsoil. 
    • Do not expect to grow anything in the fill dirt that we bring you!
    • It is also not feasible to amend the fill material in order to support plant growth. 
    • Best for landscaping projects which require large quantities of soil.
    • Inexpensive fill material for leveling large areas.
    • Useful for building up landscapes, filling holes or adjusting grades.
    • Our fill dirt is perfect to fill in large areas where higher quality topsoil may not be needed. 
    • Use drain rock or crushed rock as backfill for retaining walls (for drainage potential) not fill dirt.


    • Please use TOPSOIL for any kind of plant growth, including grass.
    • Check our measurements page for tools and tips to understand how much fill dirt you will need for your project. 

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