Fine Orange Bark
Fine Orange Bark
Fine Orange Bark
Fine Orange Bark
Fine Orange Bark

Fine Orange Bark

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Decorative + Red/Orange Bark:

    • This bark has been ground twice.
    • Not dyed.
    • Non-treated and environmentally safe.
    • 100% recycled product. 
    • Fir + hemlock mix
    • Typically seen as a cleaner and smoother look to your landscape.
    • Many customers prefer the color to contrast their plants for decorative purposes.
    • Adds beauty and color to landscaping project. 
    • Is more for appearance, this product has minimal nutrient content.
    • As bark decomposes, it can be worked into the soil to be a soil conditioner but will only provide minimal nutrients.
    • Easy to apply.
      • Decorative ground cover for flower beds, and shrubs.
      • Helps suppress weeds by cutting out the light.
      • Used for bordering fences and property lines.
      • Helps control weed growth year round.
      • Retains water for plant growth.
      • Reduces winter injury.
      • Can be used as a top dressing for potting containers. 
      • Best for low traffic areas. 
      • Not for pathways or walkways. 
    Typical Installation: 
      • Ground cover: 2-4" thick + replenished every other year.


      • Color will get darker or fade with time due to oxidation and exposure to the sun.
      • Add a thinner application around the base of shrubs or tree.
      • Buy enough material for your entire project in one purchase. The color of each load may vary slightly. To help understand how much material to purchase click here for measurement tips and tools.